The face behind the camera

Hi, I'm Gemma.

Sunset chaser. Artist. Memory preserver. Passionate photographer of all things motherhood, family, and branding.
I'm a mum of four beautiful kids, and a creative soul. Lover of coffee, cats, and low key adventure. I need to create to be happy, it lives deep within my bones, and I count myself so blessed that I get to do this for a job!
When I'm not snapping pictures you'll find me at the beach or forest with my family, sipping coffee at a local café with a friend, or on my couch curled up with a good book.

Life is all about seizing tiny moments of joy, and letting yourself feel deeply. Photographs help us connect to our own story, and our own past.

Spoiler alert: there's never a perfect time to get photos done. Don't wait until you've lost weight, your kids are better behaved, your house is tidy, you have better clothes, or until you're less busy. Before you know it, these days will be replaced with new ones. Capture your raw, unfiltered life right now, just as you are.

Love Notes From My Clients


"The photos are amazing, I love how natural they are and not super posed looking, she photographed both the kids personalities beautifully and made us feel at ease the whole time. Kind of felt like we were doing a photoshoot with an old friend!
Thanks heaps for the gorgeous photos, look forward to booking with you for future family photo shoots."

One day your house will be quiet, your furniture will be clean, your conversations will be uninterrupted. Your clothes won't have spit up or marmite on them, your eyes will be well rested, and you won't have to hide in the pantry to eat chocolate. And you will really miss these days of milk covered shoulders and piggy back rides to the bathtub. Seize this moment to be present, to be joyful, and cover your walls in memories of love and laughter.