A cosy newborn baby girl captured at home with natural posing in rural Christchurch.

I was so honoured to be invited in to my lovely friend Megane's home to capture her gorgeous new baby girl. A fellow play centre mum, it is so special to be given the opportunity to photograph friends or family and the special events in their life for them to cherish forever in photos and wall art.

Wee Hayley was an absolute darling, just a wee dot and very snoozy.

It was a slow and relaxed session, as always I allowed plenty of time for nappy changes, feeds, and settling. You will never feel rushed by me at a newborn photoshoot.

My newborn session bookings all include a guide on how to prepare, so wee Hayley was well prepared by her mum and dad, lovely and sleepy, and wearing a favourite outfit including an adorable hand knitted sweater (sidenote-how great are soft woolen knits for keeping new babies warm? And they look sooo cute!)

After allowing plenty of time for a big feed, we took a few lifestyle images of Mama and babe having a little snuggle, helping Hayley relax and capturing precious moments of them together.

Next we got the little one ready for some simple beanbag shots, wearing just her nappy (with the room lovely and toasty of course and a heater nearby). I used an off-white polar fleece blanket and matching wrap for these photos, which perfectly complemented her gorgeous creamy-toned skin. We took some photos of her curled up on her tummy, with mum always close by for comfort, bum pats, and to make sure baby was comfortable, warm and safe. Parents will always be active members of their newborns photoshoot to assure utmost safety.

In each position I pop a newborn in, I always try to get lots of different angles and images, even capturing tiny details like their cute rolls, and little feet poking out from the wrap. Don't you love the way their little bodies curl up like they are still in the womb?

I made sure to get some shots of her beautiful wee face, showing that soft newborn hair (that they often rub off within a few months), and her little rosebud lips. With regular comfort from mum, who was so helpful at shushing and reassuring Hayley, she fell into a super deep snooze after a while of being on the photography beanbag. Lots of layers and posing pillows help to keep new babies comfy and warm while they have their photos taken.

I love to also bring in mum for some beanbag moments too (or both parents and even siblings if they are there). I just love the above images where Megane is giving her little one a kiss, and holding her head in her hand-which really accentuates how tiny she is and helps you remember in a few weeks time when they've already grown like crazy! It also shows a really tender and loving connection shared between the two of them, and that hazy, romantic first few weeks where everything is such a blur of love, exhaustion, and tears.

Next we snuggled Hayley up on her back for some different images. It can take a few attempts to get just right, but she was a super star and happily slept through most of the movement. It was great to be able to take some photos in a totally different pose.

When I edited the photos, I kept them as natural as possible, mainly just removing any blemishes that might appear. I always love to leave a little peeling showing if they have it, so you can remember that part about them being brand new too.

I mean seriously, could she be any cuter?!

If you would like to book in a cosy newborn photoshoot in your Christchurch, Selwyn, or Canterbury based home, I would love to chat to you and start planning, just use my contact form here to let me know and I'll be in touch! I recommend booking a newborn shoot while in your second trimester to avoid missing out, we plan it based on your due date but there's always plenty of flexibility if baby comes early or late! The best time to have these photos done is in the first two weeks so it's great to prepare in advance as you will likely be too tired and overwhelmed to think about it once they arrive!

I'll leave you with this last adorable image! You're welcome!