Family photoshoot in Christchurch quarry.

I met Kelsey and her gorgeous daughter Isla on a stunning Spring evening as the sun was setting over a local Christchurch quarry. Isla was wearing an adorable tutu, ankle boots, and a topknot, and was so excited to have her photo taken, so I knew we were going to have a lot of fun! Kelsey wore a beautiful soft Summer long-sleeved mini dress provided by You’re Glowing rentals especially for our shoot. (*hint-if you don’t want to buy a new outfit for your photos then renting a dress is such a great option!) 

We started the way my photoshoots always do-with walking and talking so everyone can get to know eachother and ease into things until we all feel comfortable and more relaxed. Isla squeezed her mum’s hand and twirled around next to her, picking the sunlight up in her blonde hair and smiling cheekily at us both. The sun was a striking golden glow that gave those stunning warm golden tones I love to their skin and hair, and illuminated the thick dry long grass underneath them. 

Isla was wild, sassy, and free-spirited, my favourite kind of child to photograph! Clambering over mountains of rocks and leaping into her Mama’s arms, running through the rustling long grass, pulling Kelsey along behind her hastily, and giggling relentlessly while she did it. Kelsey was so great at bringing fun and natural moments to their session, always smiling and engaging with her daughter, throwing her up in the air, dancing with her, tickling her, and showering her in kisses regularly. I was there to capture every detail of it, the smiles and the “look at mes,” as well as all the in-between moments that told the story of their bond.

The backdrop we had to work with was incredible-cascading hills one way, rugged textured rocks another, wild purple flowers growing on the sides of the hills next to us, and cute gravel pathways twisting down to the water’s edge. There’s a reason this is one of my favourite Christchurch locations to take my clients to!

We were spoiled with the Spring weather-there was barely a cloud in the sky, warm sun rays were beaming down on us the entire time, and there was just a light breeze that helped the girls' dresses and hair blow around romantically, adding some lovely movement to their images. 

Towards the end of the photoshoot Isla fell over and scraped her knee. Kelsey scooped her up for a big cuddle and I was able to capture a tender few moments  of the two of them, showing the way Mummy’s hugs can fix almost anything. 

Isla got more tired as it got later into the evening, which meant the perfect time for sitting on Mama’s knee in the long grass for a snuggle, and being carried lovingly across the fields.

Before we finished the photos, I had them walk up onto a hill that elevated them right in front of the setting sun, silhouetting them from behind as it plunged downwards into the water. 

I was actually a little sad to see them both go, as it was so much fun to photograph them and Isla was such a little firecracker to work with! Meeting new clients is a favourite part of my job. 

If you want to come for a family, maternity, or mother hood photoshoot at this stunning location, send me a message via my contact form and I’d love to chat with you!